Unleashed Rage and Lava Lash

Tidying up a few loose quests, and doing my first run in Zul’Aman saw Stormshaper reach level 45. At this point, I have added talent points in Unleashed Rage and Lava Lash and I’m going to discuss these talents in this point.

Unleashed Rage is a very handy talent to have, both for yourself and for any raid party you find yourself in. It increases your expertise at all times, and boosts the attack power of all nearby party members whenever the shaman has a critical hit. At the moment, I have two points in Unleashed Rage, and I aim to maximise it as soon as I reach the next level.

Unleashed Rage gives 1 expertise and 4% attack power increase at level 1. At level 2 expertise is increased to 6 and attack power is increased by 7% and at level 3, expertise is increased to 9 and attack power is increased by a massive 10%.

At higher end raiding, this buff will not stack with a Death Knight’s Abomination’s Strength buff, or with a Hunter’s Trueshot Aura, but for levelling up, you should be welcomed heartily by any party you find yourself in because your fellow members are going to benefit significantly each time you have a critical strike.

Lava Lash is a relatively new talent that was added in patch 3.0.2. It requires 36 points in the Enhancement Tree before the Shaman can learn it. The tooltip says that it instantly deals 100% of off-hand weapon damage. Damage is increased by 25% if the weapon is enchanted with Flametongue.

Reading the tooltip, this means that my offhand (currently a dagger) really needs to be a slower weapon (an axe or a mace) and that weapon will need to be imbued with Flametongue Weapon at all times to get the 25% damage increase. That means that Lava Lash will grant me 125% weapon damage straight off the bat, which is not to be sniffed at.

The cost of Lava Lash is 4% of base mana (not the mana you have when you use Lava Lash, your total base mana), so it could be quite mana-intensive. However, it does have a six second cooldown, so in the shorter boss fights encountered while levelling up, you might get one, or maybe two Lava Lash strikes off before the boss dies, which might not be so bad.

I’m queued for Maraudon, so we’ll see how it goes in there. I’ll also have to work out a rotation to include Lava Lash as and when it’s available.


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