Random Dungeon Finder?

Stormshaper is now level 46. As well as tying up loose quest chains (Southshore, Arathi Highlands, Duskwallow Marsh), she is now questing in Searing Gorge.

In between questing, I’m using the Random Dungeon Finder, which isn’t quite as random as it seems. Five times on the bounce yesterday I was plunged into a pool inside Maraudon. Five times we killed Princess Theradras, and five times we killed the giant crocodile. Oh, and as a reward, I received five pairs of mail boots via the satchel of helpful goods!

Today, I’m hoping the random number generator is a bit kinder and throws me into Zul’Farrak, or even another part of the Maraudon complex. Just not the same place continually, over, and over, and over.

In terms of performance, I was in there with a level 48 mage and a level 48 hunter at various times, and the DPS Stormshaper threw out was significantly better than their DPS. I thought it might have been down to the BoA gear which does give a boost, but then I noticed the mage had BoA robes, shoulders, staff and a trinket. The hunter came with a BoA bow and chest piece, so I’m not too sure why I should be significantly higher DPS than players two levels above me.

I picked up a couple of items from Princess Theradras via high rolls. One is okay, the other is not optimal for a Shaman; Gemshard Heart can be used I suppose, but with the spirit on it, it makes it more a healer/shadow priest item rather than shaman specific. The Blackstone Ring is decent though. A nice attack power boost, stamina increase and significant (at this level) hit rating too.


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