Da Voodoo

Da Voodoo is the final part of a shaman-only quest chain you receive upon reaching level 50. Nothing too bad these days, it culminates in you having to defeat the mini-bosses in Sunken Temple, and picking up some voodoo feathers. Now Sunken Temple – THERE is a challenge.

I loved Sunken Temple when I went in there years ago on my Hunter. It is a leather worker’s paradise.

With the new dungeon finding system, I queued specifically for Sunken Temple, and hoped that the wait wouldn’t be too long. Amazingly, it wasn’t. A group was put together within minutes and we found ourselves in the dungeon and ready to go. This is where the farce began.

First we lost our healer. Not that they didn’t leave the group, but they decided to go the wrong way and died at the hands of a mob. As I went to resurrect the healer, a mage decided that our group was too slow so he left. We replaced that DPS with a hunter. This was remarkable. The hunter came into the dungeon, ran straight past us, straight off the ledge where the mini boss had been defeated and dropped down into the dragonkin and died instantly!

Not a word as to what he was doing, or why. We decided to give him another chance, except that he didn’t show up. For reasons known only to himself, he decided to res at the spirit healer and take a resurrection sickness debuff before rejoining us. In the meantime, we’d four manned most of the other mini-bosses and I’d gathered a few voodoo feathers.

Within a few minutes, the hunter arrived again, ran to the ledge where we’d defeated another mini boss. This time he stopped on the edge of the ledge, before once more jumping to his death. He insisted he fell – which is possible I suppose. At this point the tank had passed lead to me and demanded that I kick the hunter from the group, but the Dungeon Finder wouldn’t allow us to do that “at this time” – presumably because the hunter was dead and/or had resurrection sickness, or whatever.

I whispered the hunter, asked him to drop out of the group, which, of course, he refused to do. When he came back the third time, he rather obligingly decided to fight the next mob with aspect of the pack on so there were stuns going on left, right and centre. He refused to turn off Aspect of the Pack, so the healer refused to heal him. He then decided to misdirect onto the healer, who then left us in a cloud of expletives.

Still can’t kick the hunter who had, by this time, died again and once more taken resurrection sickness. We got another healer to join us.

While this was going on, another DPS left, and was replaced by a paladin. The paladin decided that the tank (a druid) was pulling too slowly, so went ahead of the tank to aggro mobs while we DPS’d behind. I was asking the hunter to leave the party – as he hadn’t returned to the group yet. Again he refused, but still we kept taking down the mini bosses.

On the last mini-boss, the hunter re-joined for the third and thankfully final time. Once more he jumped from the ledge and died, then left the group. We replaced him with another hunter as we went around solving the puzzle with the lights and the snake totems. By the time we’d solved that puzzle and four manned the mobs with a retribution Paladin pulling ahead of the tank, our hunter deigned to say “Sorry for being AFK, I’m having a heart to heart with a friend who needs my help”. Again, I try to vote to kick, again it says not possible at this time. Again, I am forced to ask someone to leave the group – however, they are AFK and not responding to whispers.

The tank has needed on every single item that drops. Did I mention that? Yes, he needed everything. Cloth with spirit? Need. Mail with Intellect? Need. Plate with intellect? Need. Wands? Need. Polearms? Maces? Need. Need. It was an excercise in group futility.

But I had all my feathers.

We dropped down into the dragonkin area and cleared the room. Four man-cleared the room. The hunter still hadn’t returned.

As we approached the troll boss, the healer leaves. No word. There’s me, an enhancement shaman, a retribution paladin and a druid tank. Three self-healing classes. We explain to the needy tank that he should pull the mobs out of the room as there is a fear effect, and he should run away from the slow moving ghosts. Of course, he runs headlong into the room aggro’s all the mobs nearest the door and we fight like mad to try and get out of there in one piece.

Then he takes on mobs of ghosts as I off-heal him with my feeble, mana-consuming heals. We yell at him “Run away from the ghosts” to which he replies “No, I want to kill them, I’m second on the damage done count”…….

A healer joins us and claims that there are now respawns and she can’t get to a ledge to join us down below. We carry on clearing the room, but the tank’s refusal to listen to anything we say means we meet our death. I’m all out of ankh’s so I head back to the entrance where I assure the new healer I will lead them to a ledge.

When I resurrect, there is a mob, some way off down a corridor while the side door entrance to a ledge isn’t exactly opposite, but it’s near enough. I walk across the corridor and onto a ledge and down below where our healer joins the group. At this point, the hunter decides that he’s not being fair to us and leaves. So we are, once again, a team of four. We get a mage from the dungeon finder. The mage joins us and we clear the boss.

Oh, did I mention the tank needed on the mace that dropped, much to the disgust of the paladin?

We cleared all the dragons, and went in to take on Eranikus. He was downed without too much issue. He dropped a wand, which the tank needed, and then immediately left the group. The mage went crazy at this and he left the group leaving me and the paladin and our healer.

Anyway, I won a roll on a helmet from Eranikus, the mage won the wand, but as they left the group, I am not sure if they received the item or not. I left the group and was ported back to Southshore. Handed in the feathers to complete ‘Da Voodoo’ and recieved Enamored Water Spirit as my reward.


So I’m never going back to Sunken Temple again.


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