Stormshaper has reached level 54 thanks to a few quests around Western Plaguelands, some other quests in Felwood, and killing enough corrupted Furbolgs to gain neutral with Timbermaw Hold, so she can traverse the underground cavern through to Winterspring.

Winterspring was a good area to quest on my hunter thanks to the leather farming available there, not to mention the Wintersaber reputation grind. However, Stormshaper isn’t going to quest there at all. Plaguelands is where she will be based mostly as we head towards 58. The reason for this is, I really like the Argent Dawn faction, and I like the old style reputation gathering that emerged in Plaguelands. Stormshaper wears her Ensignia trinket with pride as she shocks and stabs and fires and freezes undead and skeletal warriors in and around the ruined enclave of Andorhal.

Plus, with the lore around Arthas and the Litch King and the scourge, the Plaguelands make me feel closer somehow to the battles being waged currently in Northrend.

Of course, as soon as she hits 58, she will leave the poisoned plaguelands behind and step through the dark portal and back onto her ruined home world of Draenor. So there is a reason to hurry through the last four levels of old world Azeroth.

In random dungeon news, a couple of trips to Blackrock. Never yet completed it. If you hit a wipe, people leave instantly. The further into those dungeons you go, the harder it is to get new players who can come to you directly – unless you have a warlock in your party, and there doesn’t seem to be many warlocks around currently. So, if we lose a party member, that’s it, dungeon over. Frustrating really, but the current slew of players don’t have a lot of fortitude and seem to react badly the second anything goes even slightly wrong.

In other news, Stormshaper’s gear is improving – slowly. The rewards from completing random dungeons have dried up as completing the dungeons isn’t happening, but the last seven times I’ve completed a dungeon, I’ve received a pair of mail boots. That’s it. Of course, as soon as I get them, I sell them, but really, the random number generator isn’t being kind at all.

I did manage to get a couple of BOE items for very little gold out of the Auction House, Bindings of Elements and Gauntlets of Elements. These drop in Blackrock Spire and Scholomance and there seem to be an abundance of people running these instances for achievements, so any players levelling a character like Stormshaper can get quite a decent gear upgrade for very little outlay if they’re lucky. Both items cost me less than 10g, so it was a no-brainer as far as I could see. Both offered significant upgrades over leather items, and it sets Stormshaper off on the road to her first set bonus. With a bit of luck, a couple more items will drop before she passes through the Dark Portal at 58.


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