Stormshaper has reached level 58 on a day of complete dungeon frustration. I was in seven separate dungeon runs and not one of them was completed. It seems that the near-end game five mans of vanilla WoW are still too tough for today’s players based on the evidence I’ve seen in the last couple of days.

No fortitude, no desire. Tanks unable to hold aggro. DPS completely ignoring the tank’s target. Healers healing themselves before the tank?!? Then, upon the first wipe, that long run back through Blackrock mountain? Forget it. People leaving parties left, right and centre.

Despite all that, level 58 was reached with the Skeleton Key quest chain, which is remarkably simpler these days than it was way back when. I managed to get the skeletal remains, then hopped over to Gadgetzan, made some Thorium bars, paid a goblin a lot of money, zipped into Un’Goro (Stormshaper never went there), up the mountain and forged the key. Done. When I returned to Plaguelands, and handed in, level 58 was reached. I was given the quest to slay Ajal the Summoner again, but I will leave that quest in my log as Stormshaper will head to Outlands now and start work in Honor Hold.

Before Stormshaper walks through the Dark Portal for the first time, here is what she looks like, in all her glory.

Stormshaper Stands Before The Dark Portal

Full inventory of equipment

Head – Horns of Eranikus
Neck – Heroic Commendation Medal
Shoulder – Mystical Pauldrons of Elements
Back – Cerise Drape
Chest – Mystical Vest of Elements
Wrist – Bindings of Elements
Hands – Gauntlets of Elements
Waist – Earthbound Girdle of the Marksman
Legs – Ferine Leggings
Feet – Greaves of Withering Despair
Finger 1 – Tumultous Ring of the Battle
Finger 2 – Blackstone Ring
Trinket 1 – Mark of Resolution
Trinket 2 – Chained Essence of Eranikus

Be interesting to see at 68, how much has changed.


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