Northrend or Outlands? Turn off Experience Gain or Press On?

Stormshaper quested her hooves off last night and reached level 67, while still in Zangermarsh! She’s now five levels above the content she’s questing in, such is the increased reputation you can get from the BoA items. I didn’t run any further instances last night, I want to try and complete the whole Zangermarsh area and move to Nagrand, but I think she’ll hit 68 before leaving the beautiful, serene marshlands.

So the question is, do I immediately leave Outlands and follow the throng to Northrend? I can remember as The Burning Crusade was nearing the end of its life, and the Scourge Invasion envent was upon us, people talked about Northrend greens being better than Tier 4 gear available from Karazhan, Maggy and Gruul’s Lair.

Of course, the reality was somewhat different. My Hunter, decked out head to toe in Tier 4 gear (I never got further than SSC in BC on him) was able to progress to somewhere near level 76 before he finally replaced all his gear with stuff from Outlands, and even then, some of that was the entry-level crafted gear.

So I’m not sure what to do. I could turn off Stormshaper’s experience gain when she hits 70, which won’t be long at this rate, but then I’m at the mercy of “fun runs” to Karazhan and Gruul’s. No-one ever tries to go to Zul Aman any more because there’s no war bear mount to be had, and, well, its pretty damned difficult. I’ve never seen a fun run to SSC – do people even know it exists? Black Temple and Sunwell? People at 80 can’t do those raids, and I doubt Stormshaper would get an invite – I saw a level 80 Death Knight trade recently refusing to allow level 70 players join their raid to Gruul’s as they didn’t want too many “low levels” along.

If I turn off her experience gain, I could be a long time waiting for people to go to visit the BC raid instances, and I’m really not sure anyone would do BC heroic five man runs. Well, maybe Magister’s Terrace, but I can’t see anyone wanting to run heroic Hellfire Ramparts, for example.

I am torn. I could be stuck at 70 for a long, long time. It would give me a chance to perfect my rotation at 70 of course, but the second I turn the experience gain back on, I have to re-learn new talents…..At the moment, I’m really not sure what to do.


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