68 Reached and I Take a Northrend Item to Outlands

As Stormshaper completed the quest that gave her the Mysteries of the Marsh achievement, she also reached level 68. There are still a few quests for her to do in Zangermarsh, for the sporelings of Sporregar. Some of those quests will send her into Underbog as well. At 68, she’s probably a bit too high for Underbog. Certainly there’s not much gear there for her. As a result, I am thinking seriously about inhibiting her experience gain so that I can at least try and do BC heroic dungeons.

However, it has to be said, I did take advantage of the fact that she can quest in Northrend. I sailed to Valance Keep, ran a few starter quests and received the Solidier’s Spiked Mace as a reward. I ran an item comparison between it and Storm’s other mace using Wowhead’s Item Comparison tool – and while it’s not a very fair comparision, it does show you just how overpowered the Northrend items where when they became available.

Now a part of me could quite happily exploit the fact that Northrend is available and I can complete quests around the starter areas and pick up gear that is massively greater than anything available in Outlands for Stormshaper’s level. At least until she starts running heroic or 10 man instances. I don’t know if that’s the moral thing to do – but then, saying that, Stormshaper has been in BoA gear from level 6, so morality hasn’t played that much of a role in her levelling as yet. I took the mace back to Outlands and used it to devastating effect in Terokkar Forest. It made something easy so much easier!

Levelling in Outlands has been an absolute blast truth be told. I’ve completed just two zones (I regard receiving the zone achievement as completion of the zone), and I’m about 10% of the way through Terokkar Forest and Stormshaper is already 69 and on her way to 70. I can recall just how long it took my hunter to move from 69 to 70 back in the day, questing hard in Area 52. With Storm and her XP gain, she’s just blasting through content.

I ran a few dungeons today, just to break up the levelling grind and was lucky enough to meet a nice group of people. Isn’t there a tragic irony that good groups don’t get a mention? Anyway, this group was fine. We had a paladin tank, a druid healer, a hunter, warrior and me as DPS. (No death knights – WIN!).

We ran through Setthek Halls twice and Auchenai Crypts without a single wipe and I think, only one death. Brilliant! Some quests were completed in each instance, gear was passed around fairly and we all received our bags of helpful goods. I got three rings from the three runs, each one miles worse than the rings already equipped. So much for “helpful”. Still, its a few gold from a vendor, so better than nothing I suppose.


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