Black Temple

Tonight, I logged on with the full intention of completing a few more quests in Borean Tundra. However, I noticed that there’s a run to Black Temple being advertised in the trade channel. I chance my arm and whisper the organiser. It’s full of 80’s so they might have been a bit funny to “lower levels”, but I got an invite to the run. It’s purely for the achievement from their point of view, but from Stormshaper’s point of view, it’s a chance of some decent Outlands loot. And – if the instance went to plan, she will have defeated Illidan Stormrage. She will have completed Outlands! I’ve never done this on my main Hunter or on the Death Knight!

What a scoop!

Anyway, the run went very, very smoothly considering it was a pug. Of course, it should go smoothly with a number of 80’s in the raid, but this was organised and marshalled superbly from start to finish. At each boss tactics were discussed by the raid leader, and followed almost to the letter. We had one wipe on the Ilidari Council and two wipes on Ilidan himself but apart from that, it went very smoothly.

In total there were between 20 and 23 players at various times. Of course, being level 71 and running around in greens, Stormshaper wasn’t going to register on the DPS monitors, so there was no point in fretting about it. I knew what I was there for. I bring buffs to the raid with the totems and with Heroic Presence. Just by standing there looking gorgeous the raid is buffed! Yay! Go Draenei!

I died a few times on trash mobs. I found it difficult to get in the right place at the right time – there were so many melee DPS’ers smashing down mobs. I was caught two or three times by AoE damage which meant I spent far too long out of action. However, I managed to overcome this by carefully skipping around the very edge of the melee and standing back behind the Death Knights and fighting from the very edge of melee range.

So, we do all the bosses one by one and I roll need on a couple of decent items. As luck would have it, Stormshaper won Rising Tide which dropped off High Warlord Naj’entus.
When Black Temple was end game raiding for the select few leading guilds, this was deemed to be one of the best off-hand weapons for an Enhancement Shaman (outside Sunwell). Big win!

She also rolled on and won Bands of the Coming Storm from Supremus. Considering she was in pre-outlands wrists before this, these are a major, major upgrade for her!

A couple more items dropped that would have been nice to have, but those rolls went elsewhere. I wasn’t too bothered to be honest. Two items like that, two major upgrades were more than sufficient for Stormshaper and soon she will return to Northrend to press on in Borean Tundra.

Oh, I nearly forgot – as Stormshaper was heading back to Shattrath, she found and killed the rare mob Ambassador Jerrikar in Shadowmoon Valley and gained the achievement Medium Rare. A nice bonus to a great evenings entertainment!


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