Gear Choices, Theorycrafting EnhSim and Rawr

Stormshaper has four very, very good one handed weapons at her disposal now. Two main hand items, Arm Blade of Augelmir and Borean Smasher and two items that can go into either hand, Venerable Mass of McGowan and Rising Tide.

The task now is to decide which two of the four will benefit her the most.

To do this, I’m going to go all Elitist Jerks and use the Enhsim and Rawr applications to simulate DPS using these different weapons in different combinations.

If you want to know what Enhsim and Rawr are, read this.

I used Rawr to equip each weapon combination, exported that data to Enhsim and ran the simulations. Three simulations for each weapon combination. Then I averaged out the DPS, MPS, MP2Min, MRPS and Out of Mana time. Here are the results:

1.Borean Smasher (MH)(WF) and Venerable Mace of McGowan (OH)(FT)

DPS 1118.92
MPS 204.14
MP2Min 24496.06
MRPS 180.31
OOM 11.29

2. Arm Blade of (MH)(WF) Augelmir and Venerable Mace of McGowan (OH)(FT)

DPS 1114.94
MPS 202.81
MP2Min 24040.06
MRPS 178.92
OOM 11.57

3. Borean Smasher (MH)(WF) and Rising Tide (OH)(FT)

DPS 1098.91
MPS 203.49
MP2Min 24418.70
MRPS 179.65
OOM 11.47

4. Arm Blade of Augelmir (MH)(WF) and Rising Tide (OH)(FT)

DPS 1094.62
MPS 202.21
MP2Min 24265.11
MRPS 178.32
OOM 11.72

5. Venerable Mace of McGowan (MH)(WF) and Rising Tide (OH)(FT)

DPS 1141.46
MPS 203.98
MP2Min 24476.97
MRPS 180.15
OOM 11.33

6. Equipped with Rising Tide (MH)(WF) and Venerable Mace of McGowan (OH)(FT)

DPS 1132.39
MPS 204.02
MP2Min 24481.65
MRPS 180.20
OOM 11.31

What these tests showed was that the best combination for Stormshaper is the Venerable Mace of McGowan in her main hand and Rising Tide in her offhand. This is to be expected, because up until level 80, the BoA items are in most cases better than available equipment at the same level.

If you don’t have any BoA items on your shaman, and you have a choice between the Borean Smasher and the Arm Blade of Augelmir as a main hand weapon, for me as I understand the data above, the Borean Smasher is the better of the two weapons. As I look at my item comparison of all four weapons, the attributes of the Arm Blade of Augelmir look to outshine the Borean Smasher, but the slower speed of the Borean Smasher really brings it to the fore for Enhancement Shamans.

Of course, that all might be complete rubbish, and if it is, I’d love someone to correct it for me. But as I understand it, the Borean Smasher is king. I’m actually going to pass the Venerable Mace of McGowan over to my paladin so Stormshaper’s weapon choices just got a little bit easier.


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