Utgarde Keep

Stormshaper’s first run in a Northrend 5 man instance was Utgarde Keep. I have been using the excellent Kaliban’s Loot List to see what gear she can get from quests and instance runs, and I went to Howling Fjord today to start the quests there which lead to the Fury of the Encroaching Storm trinket.

I signed up for the daily random dungeon and hoped it would be Utgarde Keep, and it was. Now, according to Kaliban’s Loot List, Stormshaper can get some decent loot from that dungeon. Prince Keleseth drops Dragon Stabler’s Gauntlets, and lo, as soon as he was down, they did indeed drop. She needed these as the group was made up of a DK tank, a shadow priest and two druids. She also won a bouquet of ebon roses for the Love Is In The Air seasonal event, which caused the DK tank – Powerdk of Bronze Dragonflight to drop out of the group without a word, leaving us tankless. Nice job PowerDK. You win the inaugral Stormshaper’s Douchebag of the Day award!

Next boss Skarvald the Constructor drops Arm Blade of Augelmir, and once again, random number generator was kind and another need secured the loot.

Third and final boss, Ingvar The Plunderer can drop Overlaid Chain Spaulders – and – three out of three that’s exactly what he did. So all in all, it was the most incredible dungeon run Stormshaper has ever been on. Every boss dropped gear that she can use, plus a seasonal drop. Oh happy day!

I could talk about the tactics we used on the fights, but really, there’s nothing that anyone doesn’t already know. For myself, on each boss, I popped heroism and spirit wolves. For Keleseth, we bunched up on the boss and each time Maelstrom Weapon got five stacks, I’d unleash Chain Lightning which caused additional damage on the undead adds he summons. For Skarvald and Dalronn, after we took down Skarvald, I popped heroism and Spirit Wolves and the group buffs from heroism was more than enough to complete him. For the final boss, I melee’d him with no totems up at first – then after his resurrection, I dropped totems right on where he stands, so that I could hit him for additional damage with Fire Nova, popped Heroism and Spirit Wolves and it was over in seconds.

All in all, apart from Powerdk, it was as good a run as you could ever wish for.


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