Shock And Awe

On today, their Totem Talk column has a cracking write up for the ShockAndAwe add-on which is great for Enhancement Shamans.

From personal experience, I’ve tried ShockAndAwe a couple of times, and while it’s got many brilliant features for a Shaman, I don’t really like it all that much. Don’t get me wrong, it does everything and it does it really well, but I think that I’m too used to using Power Auras Classic to achieve many of the same abilities. I found ShockAndAwe’s bars too intrusive and despite endlessly tweaking the look and feel of it, I simply couldn’t get it to look how I wanted or fit it into my (admittedly basic) UI.

Using Power Auras Classic my Maelstrom weapon is clearly indicated on my UI, so I know when to unleash lightning bolts or chain lightning. I’ve got auras for when my shields drop off, I’ve got auras for when certain events proc. I’m so used to those things appearing and fading out around my character that having the same information anywhere else is just distracting.

The one unique thing ShockAndAwe has which I’ve tried to make use of in the past is the priority frame, which is discussed really well in the article. Using the priority frame you can use ShockAndAwe to help you optimize your shot rotation. I share the same issue as the article writer though. By the time I’ve looked at the priority frame, and hit the appropriate attack, too much time has passed. I’m more familiar with my own shot rotations that I’ve developed as I’ve levelled my shaman.

That’s not to knock the addon though. It is custom designed for Shamans and is custom designed to make you play your shaman better. I am certain that if I installed it and spent a couple of hours beating up a training dummy, I’d definitely be able to extract extra DPS and rework my rotations to an optimal level.

Perhaps this is something I will do when Stormshaper hits 80. If I can learn to use the addon effectively, I’ll write up about it.


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