Shopping for Bargains

Stormshaper hit level 76 today, questing in Dragonblight. With only four levels to go before she hits the level cap I thought it would be prudent to try and get some level 80 gear for her so that she can stand half a chance in the heroic runs she’ll embark on.

Now, the auction house is very server dependent. I’ve played on some servers where the prices in the auction house are simply crazy. The auction house of my realm, Darkmoon Faire isn’t too bad. There are some high prices for items, but nothing outlandish. Also, from time to time, there are some absolute bargains to be had.

Using my bank character, I have been scanning the available auctions looking for things that can aid Stormshaper once she hits 80, and I have managed to buy all the following items for less than 500g.

Belt of Tassled Lanterns – 11g
Grips of the Warming Heart – 9g
Aviary Guardsman’s Hauberk – 22g
Helm of the Lightning Halls – 15g
Ice Striker’s Cloak – 50g
Revenants Treads – 80g
Bracers of the Smothering Inferno 300g

A lot of these items are BOE drops from 5 man heroics which obviously are very common. The low prices I paid for the hands, waist, chest and helmet slots means that I really don’t mind if I replace them very soon after equipping them.

The bracers are a BOE drop from Ulduar which is still some way off for Stormshaper at the moment (if I ever go in there with Stormshaper because I have come to loathe that raid so much). 300g for something that will tide her over for a good few heroics is a decent investment. The only real upgrades for her will come from badge gear and/or drops from Pit of Saron and Halls of Reflection.

If you’re levelling your character and it’s getting towards the late 70’s for you, I’d advise having a quick scout around the auction house for bargains like this. Each item I’ve got will give me a considerable DPS boost over the blues and drops available from the regular quests and 5 man dungeons Stormshaper is ploughing through at the moment, so hopefully she won’t be on the end of too much nerd rage as she steps her first tentative foot into WoTLK heroics.


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