Level 77

Stormshaper has reached level 77. She’s done this despite not yet visiting Sholozar Basin, or indeed completing many of the quests still available in Dragonblight.

At level 77, the game switches into overdrive. You are now into end game raiding and Icecrown is your destination.

On Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran, there is an NPC called Officer Van Rossum who will offer you a quest to fly you to the Skybreaker, the enormous alliance airship flying high above Icecrown. The Skybreaker serves as a quest hub to get you started in Icecrown. There are an astonishing number of quests here, all geared to telling you about Arthas and his legions of undead. Truly it is an astonishing storyline and immersion into the end game raiding quests that lead you ultimately to Icecrown Citadel is incredible.

But – to quest here you need, at the very least, cold weather flying. This will set you back 1000g. You cannot quest in Icecrown without it as everything is up on mountainsides. You should be able to get the money back soon enough doing quests, gathering materials for tradeskills, and of course, doing instances.

Also at level 77, you are eligible to fly to the Argent Tournament grounds and start to do the entry-level daily quests there, which, if you persist with them, will replenish your gold reserves in no time at all. Again, on Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran, there is an NPC from he Argent Dawn sat on an argent griffon who, if you speak to him offers you a flight to the Argent Tournament.

Stormshaper has completed all the early quests, learning to joust – these are easy – I’ve done it before on other characters who are all argent champions and all have city titles. You just have to stick at it. The gold is reward enough, and there are some really nice entry-level blue items that you can get from quartermasters at the Argent Tournament. Not to mention pets, mounts, and other assorted bits and bobs.


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