Gearing Up

Yesterday was more of the same, questing around Icecrown, Argent Tournament daily quests and random heroics. Quite a few random heroics actually. Of course in the random heroics, you get level 200 blues dropping off most bosses, and a level 200 epic dropping off the final boss.

Stormshaper was unlucky with the epic drops from the final boss. Out of all of them, only a ring in Culling of Stratholme would have suited her, but she lost out on the roll. However, she did receive quite a few decent blue items. From Violet Hold she won the Solitare of Reflecting Beams and Mark of the War Prisoner. From Azjol Nerub she won Hollowed Mandible Legplates which I enhanced with a precise dragon’s eye (jewelcrafter only gem) and a precise bloodstone (yes I know its low level, but so are the pants), both of which increased her expertise level somewhat.

These were all nice gear upgrades for her, but the real highlight came from the Emblem of Triumph vendor. As Stormshaper had run so many heroics, she had accrued quite a few emblems of triumph and I decided that her first emblem purchase would be Shoulders of the Fateful Accord. A substantial increase over her BoA shoulders.

The thing I am really struggling with at the moment are weapons. There is a fist weapon that drops in Culling of Stratholme she can use, called Greed, but after that, I think the better weapons drop in Trial of the Crusader on normal and heroic. There is a nice axe that drops from Lavanthor in Violet Hold – but the chances of getting that are quite slim given the random number of bosses, and the random loot they each drop. The weapon upgrades are a priority for Stormshaper now.

I have checked out the Argent Tournament which is a good source of reasonable weapons for people in heroics and just starting on the raid schedule and there is an Ironforge Smasher available from there. However, that is some time away, due to the grind of actually earning Champions Seals. We’ll see how it goes.


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