More Lootz!

Gearing Stormshaper is a real dream. Honestly, gearing any character in World of Warcraft now is so easy. The random heroic feature is golden for any player who has to gear a character or an alt. Simply queue, and re-queue while at the same time, you do your daily quests and outstanding zone quests.

Today, Stormshaper ran a whole slew of random dungeons and accrued the following items:

Dalronn’s Jerkin and Annhylde’s Ring from Utgarde Keep.
Patroller’s War Kilt and Cord of Swirling Winds from Halls of Lightning.
Fiery Obelisk Handguards from Ahn’Kahet.
Fist of the Deity from Gundrak. (Yay! Weapon upgrade, at long last).
Zuramat’s Necklace and Handgrips of the Savage Emissary from Violet Hold.
Scale Boots of the Outlander, Banner of Victory and Drape of the Undefeated from Trial of the Champion.

Now, that is a savage amount of gear for anyone to get.

What needs to be done now, is sort it out into the best sets for each branch of the shaman tree.

As you know, there are three branches in the shaman tree, Restoration (healer), Enhancement (Melee DPS) and Elemental (ranged DPS). The shaman can build gear sets for each tree quite easily. Look at the treasure trove above to see just how much gear that drops in heroic instances can be used by a shaman.

Splitting the gear above into each group, Restoration shamans can make best use of Dalronn’s Jerkin and Annhylde’s Ring, Patroller’s War Kilt

Fiery Obelisk Handguards and Fist of the Deity and Scale Boots of the Outlander are perfect for an enhancement shaman.

Elemental shamans can make use of basically all the items above seeing as they require hit and mana regen for their build to be effective.

The one item above that really isn’t that good for a shaman, but they can use it is the Banner of Victory. Its armour penetration buff doesn’t really apply to shamans and it really should be given to rogues or hunters ahead of most other classes. When Stormshaper won the trinket there was neither class in the group and no-one else wanted it. (Incredibly there were 4 disenchant rolls for this – sacrilege). I asked permission to need roll and everyone was fine with it, and it was another trinket to add to Stormshaper’s increasingly large collection. Given that the armour penetration isn’t a useful statistic for shamans, the increase in attack power is pretty devastating for any melee class, so, regardless of the armour penetration buff, I will equip this on Stormshaper.

Zuramat’s Necklace? No use to a shaman at all. Stormshaper is wearing it purely because I have nothing better.

Oh – today in heroic Culling of Stratholme, Stormshaper won the Reins of the Bronze Drake. Now she just needs to find 5000 gold to afford the flying skill!


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