Revisiting the Beggar

The other day, I posted about joining a guild, which quickly turned sour thanks to another guild member begging for money. Anyway, I was questing away and received a whisper from the GM asking why I’d left, when I explained to him what had happened he reacted quickly and wanted to kick the beggar from his guild.

Now, I’d left the guild and was happy enough doing my thing. I don’t need drama, I don’t want drama. I logon to play the game and learn about my character. I told the GM that doing that wouldn’t be necessary. He wanted me to return, but I believe in the saying “Never go back” and I told him I was happy enough doing my own thing – but if they ever needed a helping hand, I’d be happy to come and step in for them.

The GM wasn’t finished with this though, and to his credit he went off and spoke with the hunter/beggar.

A while later, I received a whisper from the hunter apologising for their behaviour. I replied back that no apology was necessary.

To be honest, I didn’t want an apology, as I’d left the guild and so for me, the issue was over. I knew that I’d probably never group with the hunter, and if I did, I’d simply block them out so my game wasn’t spoiled. I’d moved on, but the GM and the hunter hadn’t, and they wanted me to return to their guild so that they could move on.

I don’t dictate how players play their characters in World of Warcraft – if a player wants to beg guild-mates for money, then good luck to them. In my experience, all that will happen is very quickly people will tire of them and their reputation will plummet. Invariably people who beg for money/boosts/gear won’t stick around your guild too long – they aren’t actually there for your guild they are there for what they can leech out of your guild before they move on – either forcibly, or after running out of good favour.

Anyway, the apology was presented – but with a caveat. Now I had my apology (that I hadn’t asked for or expected) would I come back to the guild? Again, I said that my answer was no. But the GM will be upset if you don’t return came the response. That’s not my concern, I replied.

I play World of Warcraft for me, for my enjoyment. I never cause drama, and I certainly don’t bug other players for boosts when I’m a low level or ask/beg for gold. Am I in the minority? I’m not so sure. On any given day, you can find low level characters in Iron Forge and Stormwind running around, opening trade windows and yelling “PLLLZZZZZ 1G” over, and over, and over. Trade is full of players seeking “boosts” through content they’re too low for. Begging guildies for 1000g is, admittedly a new one, but only because of the sheer size of the amount of money they wanted to borrow. The principle remains the same. Logon, and use people to get something using their time/skills/money.

I explained to the hunter, for what I hoped would be the final time, that I’d tried the guild and didn’t like the incident of another guild member begging me for money, therefore I chose to leave the guild and move on.

Now another whisper.

The GM on another character – had I received my apology? Yes. Was I coming back to the guild? No. Why not? Because I don’t want to.

All this while I was trying to complete quests in and around Icecrown. So much drama, so much hassle. In the end, to get away from them, I logged onto my bank char for a while.

I’m yet to be convinced that pre-Cataclysm, “social” guilds or whatever they’re called – are of any value. This short-lived experience backs it up even more. I do feel sorry for the GM. He did the decent thing in explaining to the hunter what he expected of his guild members, but you can’t police your members 24/7, it is an impossible task, and if you even tried it would be an exercise in futility. I wish the guild all the best, but I won’t be returning.


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