Saturday Tanks

Meet Postdk. I met Postdk in heroic Gundrak today. He bravely announced to the group that it was his first time tanking. On hearing that, one DPS left the group immediately. I decided to stick it out. I have no idea why.

I got down the slopes just as Postdk aggro’d the three snakes guarding the entrance. He died instantly. I died soon after. I asked him why he did that. “They came at me” was his reply.
“No. No they didn’t come at you, they come up to the entrance and stop some distance away, so it’s quite safe for the group to gather at the entrance.”
“Oh. I guess I took a step too far”

Yeah, took a step too far, threw down death and decay and aggro’d them all before any of us were ready.

Not only that – but the only pieces of tanking gear he had was the Unsmashable Heavy Band, and Boots of Heartfelt Repentance and this was his build. To cap it all, he was decked out in a curious mix of PVP gear, high level epics and low level blues. Was his gear gemmed for hit, or defence or dodge/parry? Nah.

Of course when this was pointed out to him by the team, he spat his dummy immediately, labelled us all noobs and left.

Saturday tanks. Love ’em.


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