The Shock of the Lightning

Stormshaper is pretty well geared now. A couple of weeks of doing heroics – not farming heroics – just doing them on an “as time permits” basis has been enough for her to get four pieces of Tier 9 shaman armour. Of course, there have been a few choice issues with rude players, incompetent players, rude incompetent players and so on, but if I am honest, I’ll say that only about 40% of the dungeon runs she’s been on have been negative. Overall, not a bad percentage, all things considered.

Late last night, Stormshaper completed 140 quests in Icecrown, which means she got the zone achievement, and as I’ve done previously, I’ve moved zones, so she’s in the Storm Peaks now, doing the starter quests there, which will ultimately lead to the Sons of Hodir reputation grind. Not something I’m looking forward to, but a necessity due to the shoulder enchants that they have available from their quartermaster.

Quite why Blizzard haven’t retro-fitted a tabard for these giant dwarves (there’s an oxymoron) is beyond me. They have, in the shoulder enchants, something that every player wants. I know you can farm the relics of ulduar, and buy honour with badges, but a tabard would have put an end to one of the most tedious reputation grinds since the original Wintersaber faction grind in Winterspring.

As Stormshaper needs nothing from the 5 man dungeon runs, I’ve adapted her dungeon finding a little bit. I know that I’ll get badges from completing dungeons whatever happens, so I’m now purposely selecting the 5 man instances that were added after WoTLK came out, so that means Trial of the Crusader, Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron and Halls of Reflection. Trial of the Crusader I’m doing in heroic mode only, the others are normal and heroic, because there are items available in both versions of the dungeons that Stormshaper can use. Just today, for example, this dropped for her, on only her second run in Forge of Souls.

Having recently equipped two Ironforge Smasher’s this is a magnificent DPS upgrade and I’m hoping to reap the benefits when she steps into Halls of Reflection for the first time next week.

In the meantime she’ll continue doing the 5 man runs until she can equip either another Nighttime or, if she’s lucky, a Black Icicle!

I put the Berserking enchant (500g – ouch) on her new axe as soon as I left the instance. It looks sick!

Now – Berserking. I decided that once Stormshaper had equipped two epic items of level 200 or higher I would enchant both her weapons with Berserking. This enchant is beastly for melee DPS. When it procs, which is often, it increases your attack power by 400. The trade off is reduced armour, but shamans can self-heal so this isn’t too much of an issue. Besides, by the time you’ve unleashed on your target, they’re not going to cause you too much damage. Remember this is on both of her weapons, and yes, the enchant will stack if both weapons trigger the berserking proc!!

To try out the enchant when Stormshaper had her two Ironforge Smashers equipped, I ran her around Jotunheim, doing the “Leave Our Mark” Ebon Blade daily quest where you plant 15 banners in slain Vykrul. Seriously, they were lining up in front of her, getting halfway through their smack-talk and then dying at Stormshaper’s feet. “I’ll eat your face” – smack/unleashed rage/smack/berserking/smack/Dargon’s Blood/smack/gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I’ll take her through there later on to see what Nighttime brings to that particular party.

In other news, Stormshaper has moved into a mature guild, finally. A guild that has been around on the server for over three years. This is brilliant news. A mature guild with a membership that know each other and are friends in and out of the game, and do regular events. Isn’t THAT what World of Warcraft is all about? Happy days!


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  1. I’m surprised to read that as many as 40% of
    your random heroics have been negative. I haven’t paid much attention to good vs bad experiences while doing randoms, but I wouldn’t think that I had over 10% negative runs. Of course, there’s always your under-geared, your egos, your geared but no skills and the usual bunch of not-as-fun players, but I haven’t had that many negative experiences! I hope you start getting better luck with groups soon.

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