Call My Gearscore Bluff

Elderfantazy. Look at him. Look at all that high level hear. I bet you his Gearscore is amazing. I bet you, having a Gearscore like that will get him a VIP pass into every 10 and 25 man pug on his realm. You simply can’t do anything except awe at the gear he has on his character.

When I saw he was going to be the tank for my party in Violet Hold today, I thought to myself – oh, this is going to be super quick. We’re going to be in here, smash everything in our path and get out again. No problem at all.

How wrong I was.

Firstly, one of the party asked for a few seconds before we started the instance. No, Elderfantazy was having none of that, and started the instance, and we engaged the first mobs a man down. But that wouldn’t be a problem. I mean, look at his gear. Check out his Gearscore. He could hold aggro all day long and we’ll just kill the mobs. Might take a few seconds longer, but that’s all.

No – forget that.

Let me say that marking was non existent. Let me say that threat management was none existent. Let me say that holding aggro was none existent. Mob after mob after mob after mob would engage anyone in the party except for Elderfantazy. Then he would suddenely jump into life and join the party after the mobs were running all over the place.

Xevozz – you know that annoying boss you kite all over and avoid the orbs? Well, for whatever reason he didn’t do that. He just stood there and died. Pretty damn quick really, considering his imba gearscore. You see, despite all the high level gear and the high level attitude, he didn’t know the tactics, and never bothered to tell us that he didn’t know the tactics. So he stood there like a complete noob and died while our healer worked her ass off trying to keep him alive. And because he didn’t know and was too arrogant to ask us, we wiped.

Look at that gear he’s wearing, and he caused a wipe in Violet Hold! Why didn’t Gearscore tell me he didn’t know the tactics for a 16 month old 5 man instance that he must have run on normal at least more than once?

We rejoined the instance.

“What now?” he asks.
“We start again, and this time, kite the boss”
“OMFG! Start again?”
“Have you done this instance before?”
“Yeah, of course.”
“So you know how it works?”
“Well, I’ve never wiped in here before.”
“First time for everything. Do you know the tactics for that boss?”
“So you didn’t think to tell us, so we could tell you?”
“I don’t need tactics. If the DPS was good enough, he’d go down.”
“Nothing wrong with the DPS, it was you that caused that wipe, by standing there when the orbs spawned.”
“I can’t believe we have to start again.”

Second time – he did as we asked and the boss died in seconds. As he should, when you have a tank who knows what he’s doing.

We dropped the boss – despite Elderfantazy never managing to keep aggro for any length of time. Then, the final nail in the noob coffin. He “Need” rolled on the Staff of Trickery and then left the group instantly. Classy guy.

Completely rubbish tank, really arrogant manner, no idea of tactics, ninja looter, but hell yeah, look at his Gearscore!


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