Soloing Chillmaw

Sometimes, it can be hard to find a group for the Threat From Above quest in Icecrown, where you take on and hopefully defeat Chillmaw, the giant Frostwyrm that circles endlessly. Two days ago, Stormshaper found herself in that position. There were no takers to join up to defeat Chillmaw. Only one thing for it, drop the totems, use Feral Spirit and the Fire Elemental and see what happens.

What happened was truly immense.

I know that the shaman class is able to perform incredible burst damage, but this was amazing. Chillmaw and the three cultists who ride it around were dispatched, literally in seconds.

When you use your spirit wolves using Feral Spirit, they immediately spawn and attack your target. They last for 30 seconds, and in that time, they gain 30% of your attack power as a buff, and also heal the shaman (and themselves) for 150% of the damage done. This means that any damage caused by Chillmaw or her cultist riders was pretty much negated.

With the Fire Elemental blasting out fire nova and fire blast at the opposition, Shamanistic Rage popped early on in the encounter, when it was all over, and it was all over very, very quickly, all that remained were Stormshaper, her totems and the elemental. Everything else was destroyed.

I’ve tried this same quest on my hunter and my death knight, and neither of them have been able to do this solo. On the hunter, I have a Beast Mastery ‘tank’ spec, where the hunter, when fully geared has over 35K health from armour and buffs. His pet is a turtle, the best tanking pet in the game, but I’ve found that I can’t get the pet to last through the damage caused by Chillmaw despite healing from my hunter. Once the pet goes down, that’s at least 40% of my hunter’s DPS finished and inevitably a ‘Feign Death’ is called for.

On the death knight – I’ve tried this battle as blood spec, unholy and even frost tank spec. Each time, the death knight can get Chillmaw down, but won’t have enough survivability to last through the cultists. It’s been close a couple of times, but Stormshaper walks away with full health and mana. It really is no contest at all.

Stormshaper has a few group quests left in Icecrown, the rider quests that are given as part of the Ebon Blade storyline. I might take her and test her ability on these quests, as each in turn is quite a tricky fight. I’m interested to see how she performs in these tussles.


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