Frostshock and You

I was looking on the Auction House on my bank character the other day, when I happened across something I’ve not seen for a good, long time. Someone had obviously been farming Dire Maul, because there were a few books for sale on the auction house, and among the pile was one for shamans called Frost Shock and You.

In the days when Dire Maul was popular (that’s going back a while), the place turned up a whole raft of these manuscripts. This specific item would have been horde-centric, because back then, only the horde had shamans.

So, I bought the book for a few gold off the auction house, and tomorrow, I’m going to run Stormshaper through Dire Maul to see if I can 1) actually find the fortitude to do the whole instance which will lead to some pretty nice achievements, 2) she will get her hands on the Crescent Key and 3) complete this quest. The reward for this quest is a trinket with the rather grand name of Royal Seal of Eldre’Thalas.

Back in the days of vanilla World of Warcraft, before the Dark Portal was opened, and the Draenei crash landed off the coast of Kalimdor, this trinket was hunted down for shamans who were going off to battle level 60 Onyxia. Those days are, of course, long since gone, but I am going to see if I can get it for completeness sake. Part of me is a bit sad that I’d forgotten this item was available in Dire Maul. I would have liked to have attempted to get it when Stormshaper could have used it, but no-one runs Dire Maul these days, and the sad truth is that she would have been in for a dreadfully long wait in order to find a group to run the instance continually in the hope that it dropped.


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