Moving Platform

Probably shouldn’t do this so soon after creating this weblog – but I’ve given WordPress a fair crack, and there’s nothing wrong with the platform at all – but I am on a free account with my blog hosted at the subdomain level. This is fine and dandy, but it comes with limitations. For example, I can choose the theme of the site, but that’s it. I can’t add anything extra to it.

I’ve swapped over to Blogger, and that allows a lot more flexibility and because of that flexibility, I’ve exported everything from this weblog and imported it over to Blogger and you can find everything in its entirety at this address:


And once more for luck….

So, go and bookmark this site, because no further updates will be posted here.

See you over there.


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  1. Zelmaru said

    I recently did the same, and while it’s a bit more html tech-y over at blogspot, I’m pretty dang happy with the customization. Let me know if you have any questions.

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