I’ve played World of Warcraft for a good long time now. I’ve got a Hunter, a Death Knight and a Warlock all end-game ready. But one day I got bored with them and bored of doing the same daily quests, doing yet another reputation grind for end-game instances – yes you Ashen Verdict – and decided that rather than bore myself stupid end gaming away like an automaton, I’d shake it up and do a couple of things I’ve not done before. – i.e. Roll a female character, and play a class that, until Burning Crusade, wasn’t available to the Alliance – a Shaman.

So, I created Stormshaper.

I equipped her with Bind on Account gear, and I whizzed through the starter zone quests, realised that the class was a whole lot of fun to play, so I started researching the class and trying to find out all I could about the various ways of playing the class. As a means of recording what I found out, I started this weblog.

So, this is it.

A more or less daily diary of what I did with Stormshaper, what goals I achieved, how I did it, what gear I found, why I equipped it. All that sort of stuff.


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