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Oculus Kharmic-Chi Drake Thing

Last night I logged on late. Some of my guild were knocking stuff over in Icecrown Citadel, some others were doing daily quests. I wasn’t in the mood for a full round of dailies, so decided to do a select few. First I went to Dalaran and picked up the Jewelcrafter’s daily quest then put Stormshaper in the queue for the daily heroic. I nipped back to the Argent Tournament and picked up a few daily quests there. I’ve long since given up doing the boring jousting dailies, but picked up a few of the others. I went off, killed the cultist on the mountain plateau just outside the tournament grounds, then flew across to solo Chillmaw. Easy. Nipped down to Icecrown Citadel and killed the mobs to complete Battle Before The Citadel, and then, just as I’d started to make my way back to hand in, the random daily instance group formed. I zoned in and it was Oculus.

As usual, people zoned in, then zoned straight back out again. Yeah, thanks for doing that, I hope you enjoyed your 30 minute debuff.

Eventually, we got some replacements and went for it. It was hassle free.

Oculus is a piece of cake now, being nerfed down so much from its original format. Truth be told, it was always a pretty frustrating and very boring instance. The novelty was that you were riding a drake and battling. Except, well you’re not. The last battle you are mounted, sure, but the interim? Well, if you are unfortunate enough to pull some of the mobs then yeah, you need to be mounted to fight them off, but there are so few of them now, that you can easily fly from mob to mob without pulling anything.

So your Oculus experience consists of continually summoning a drake, flying it for seconds, dismounting, then having a short fight before repeating. It is a frustrating, stop/start instance which doesn’t really give you any sense of team play. Your playing style is constantly interrupted as you fly from ledge to ledge and smash down mobs before repeating.

A while ago, there was a report that the last boss in Oculus, Ley-Guardian Eregos was the most difficult boss to down in WoTLK. People basically avoided the instance because he was so tricky. Well – its not that he’s tricky, its just that people couldn’t go in there and force kill him as they can do in every other instance. As a DPS, you have to use the Temporal Rift debuff on him, and make sure you have 10 stacks on him before you use Shock Lance. So there’s no button spamming at all, its simply a two button fight. If you pull aggro from the tank (for shame) use evasive manouvres and hope that the tank can get the aggro back before you get wiped out. If he enrages, you can stop time to either get out of range, or get a free shot or two on him.

This was too much for most folks, because if you’re DPS, you blindingly mash all the buttons in a spam frenzy, which simply doesn’t work. So to tempt people back into the dungeon, Blizzard nerfed him down and nerfed him down. Still people avoided the instance. Stormshaper really struggled to complete this instance when she was grinding out heroics for gear, so Blizzard added an extra set of loot from the boss, in the guise of the Cache of the Ley Guardian.

I’ve actually seen people down the boss, roll on loot then zone straight out again before claiming their extra bag of spoils – you know – because they’re so busy getting to the next instance and the next and the next? Anyway, if you are smart enough, you simply open the box where the loot is, and pick up your bag, and in there, you will find two extra emblems of triumph, perhaps some gems, and if you’re lucky, and this is the whole point of this post, Stormshaper was very, very lucky, you will find the Reins of the Blue Drake. That’s what Stormshaper got last night for completing Oculus and I was delighted.

I’d like to think that because I didn’t roll on the black drage the other night, when we won our “Of The Nightfall” titles, this was some sort of Karmic payback. You see, I firmly believe that if you give nice, more often than not, you’ll get nice. Tonight, Stormshaper got nice.

Of course she already has a Reins of the Bronze Drake from Culling of Stratholme in her bank, so with two lovely drakes available to her, maybe its time I bought the fast flying skill. The only thing stopping me is that I’m convinced the price will drop significantly when Cataclysm comes out. I’ve heard nothing, or read nothing, but I’m just convinced that it will happen and I don’t want to spend 5000g if in a few months time, I can get the same skill for less.

But for now, I’m enjoying Stormshaper’s good luck, and wondering, now that I’ve got the drake from Oculus, should I do like so many others, and zone out as soon as I realise where the Random Dungeon Finder has put me?


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