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When I decided I wanted to create a shaman, I was aware of the the Draenei gemcutting racial bonus which increases Jewelcrafting by five. As I don’t have a jewelcrafter on any of my characters, I decided to take advantage of that free racial and a jewelcrafter she became. To go along with Jewelcrafting I picked Mining as the gathering skill, and to be honest, I am glad I did because the Draenei starter areas are flush with copper and tin nodes. Really, it became a joke, I had mined so much copper from Azuremyst Isle and Bloodmyst Isle that I was overwhelmed. I sent over 1000 copper ore to my bank character to store because I simply had no more space for the amount of ore there is on those islands. Tin was less common, but I still managed to mine about 50 tin ore before leaving the isles.

When I got on the boat to Darkshore, I’d hit 100 in Jewelcrafting and mining without even trying. If you are rolling a Draenei character, consider mining as a gathering skill because there really are so many nodes available to you, you can get a good financial boost by the time you decide to visit Kalimdor or Azeroth.

So, what can a Shaman get from jewelcrafting and mining?

Well, mining gives you a rather nice passive “Toughness” buff which increases your stamina slightly. Currently my shaman has level two toughness which gives her five extra points in stamina. This might not seem much, but it isn’t to be sniffed at while you are levelling. Each point in stamina is equal to ten points of health, so my shaman gains 50 extra health permanently just because I mine ores as and when I see them.

Jewelcrafting allows me to craft my own necklaces and rings. I can also prospect ores and find gems within. However this consumes five ores at a time, so can be quite costly in terms of ores, especially when you move away from common ores like Copper and Tin and head towards rarer ores such as Mithrill and Thorium.

The objects I’ve crafted for my shaman are as follows:

Inlaid Malachite Ring
Simple Pearl Ring
Malachite Pendant
Brilliant Necklace
Bronze Band Of Force

I tried to craft items that would give me stamina and agility which at low level would increase my critical strike rate somewhat. I’ve tried to keep to agility/stamina/intellect in most of my gear choices as these I feel, will benefit the Shaman most. Most of the other items I have crafted I’ve either sold off, or sent across to my Warlock to disenchant because low level enchant materials go for much more than the items themselves.

So there we go. Reasonable Jewelcrafting experience, nice Toughness boost. Now I’m going to finish up a few low level quests around Theramore before going back to Southshore and picking up from there. I don’t like to leave loose-ends lying about. Over and out.


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