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Armoury Update

Today, I went to the Armoury to look at my character, and I found this:

April Fool 2010

A few nice little in-game jokes in there – not only has my bizzarro Tuskaar shaman ninja’d everything, he/she/it has also vendored them off for profit. Are the Tuskaar the real brains behind the gold farming/account hacking plague? Enquiring minds need to know.



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Saturday Tanks

Meet Postdk. I met Postdk in heroic Gundrak today. He bravely announced to the group that it was his first time tanking. On hearing that, one DPS left the group immediately. I decided to stick it out. I have no idea why.

I got down the slopes just as Postdk aggro’d the three snakes guarding the entrance. He died instantly. I died soon after. I asked him why he did that. “They came at me” was his reply.
“No. No they didn’t come at you, they come up to the entrance and stop some distance away, so it’s quite safe for the group to gather at the entrance.”
“Oh. I guess I took a step too far”

Yeah, took a step too far, threw down death and decay and aggro’d them all before any of us were ready.

Not only that – but the only pieces of tanking gear he had was the Unsmashable Heavy Band, and Boots of Heartfelt Repentance and this was his build. To cap it all, he was decked out in a curious mix of PVP gear, high level epics and low level blues. Was his gear gemmed for hit, or defence or dodge/parry? Nah.

Of course when this was pointed out to him by the team, he spat his dummy immediately, labelled us all noobs and left.

Saturday tanks. Love ’em.

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80 Up!

Just got to 80, and I have to say it has been a remarkably easy, and very entertaining ride.

I will post more later.

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Enchanting My Gear

At the moment, Stormshaper is running round in a mix of greens and blues. Most of the gear she’s wearing currently isn’t enchanted, or if it is, it’s enchanted with cheap enchants and cheap armour kits because I know it will be replaced pretty much as soon as she completes her first few heroics. However, despite the fact that the WoTLK heroics have been nerfed down to stupid levels, I’m not planning on taking Stormshaper into any heroic without her standing half a chance of surviving and doing creditable DPS.

As I posted yesterday, I’ve bought a few BoE items and some cheap epics from the auction house to help her on her way, but I wanted to enhance those items so that she can leverage a little bit more out of her gear.

To that end, I’ve bought the following enchants:

  • Enchant Boots – Icewalker – this gives a nice boost to hit and crit rating which is a step towards maximising hit which is one of the stats that Stormshaper needs to maximise as a priority.
  • Enchant Bracer – Greater Assault which again, gives her a nice increase to her base DPS.
  • Enchant Chest – Super Stats – Not a top end enchants, but I picked up a batch of these for around 20g. As Stormshaper’s chest piece at level 80 is a blue, there’s no point in spending over 200g for the high end stats enchant. I’ll save that for when she gets her tier chest piece.

The three enchants cost me around 200g in total, which isn’t too bad an outlay considering that they will benefit Stormshaper’s base DPS so much.

Once Stormshaper hits 80, I’ll do a post on what EnhSim and Rawr told me, and what gear she’ll be going after as the grind to Tier 9/10 starts.

Now, before I leave this post, we welcome back the Douchebag of the day award, and today’s douchebag is a Death Knight – what a surprise – called Xcrusher of Anachronos.

This loser waits for everyone to line up at the entrance to Gundrak, inspects the entire party before aggro’ing the first mob of snakes then teleports out of the dungeon just before they arrive leaving us tankless with a mob incoming.

So watch out for this selfish swine and if you group with him, how about issuing a nice Vote to Kick before he lands your group in undeserved trouble?

Anyway, we got a new tank minutes later and we cleared the dungeon completely in about 20 minutes. Stormshaper picked up Amulet of the Stampede, which has a nice haste rating on it. Not too sure yet if I can replace Pendant of Revelutionary Thought, but the item comparison seems to favour the former, so we’ll see.

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Far-Seeing Eyes Power Aura

There is a quest you will do in Wintergarde Keep which is called Imprints on the Past. It’s a pretty insignificant quest in truth. You go into a house, kill a few scourge, save a few villagers and there’s an orb you collect.Anyway, after you complete the quest there is a really nice trinket called Foresight’s Anticipation which is offered as a reward. This trinket is great for Shamans, and well, for any DPS class really, as you will get a very nice haste increase from it.

The trinket increases your haste by 40 on equip, and a really rather good on-use haste increase of 148 for 20 seconds. This on use haste buff is called Far-Seeing Eyes, and here’s a Power Aura’s Classic export to monitor it:

Version:st3.0.0E; gcd:bofalse; b:nu0; anim1:nu1; g:nu0.4; optunitn:bofalse; ignoremaj:botrue; stacksLower:nu0; target:bofalse; icon:st; size:nu0.64999997615814; torsion:nu0.94999998807907; r:nu1; y:nu-35; x:nu-1; customname:st47806; groupany:botrue; isAlive:botrue; timerduration:nu0; unitn:st; bufftype:nu1; stacks:nu0; focus:bofalse; raid:bofalse; texture:nu2; alpha:nu1; aurastext:stTowering Rage Proc; symetrie:nu0; owntex:bofalse; isResting:nu0; duration:nu0; mine:bofalse; multiids:st; inVehicle:nu0; speed:nu1; anim2:nu0; stacksOperator:st>=; realaura:nu1; threshold:nu50; exact:bofalse; spec2:botrue; textaura:bofalse; InactiveDueToState:bofalse; wowtex:bofalse; groupOrSelf:bofalse; customsound:st; combat:nu0; id:nu16; inParty:nu0; HideRequest:bofalse; Active:botrue; aurastextfont:nu29; buffname:stFar-Seeing Eyes; inRaid:nu0; tooltipCheck:st; customtex:bofalse; stance:nu10; isSecondary:bofalse; thresholdinvert:bofalse; spec1:botrue; Debug:bofalse; beginSpin:bofalse; Showing:botrue; UseOldAnimations:bofalse; begin:nu3; off:bofalse; party:bofalse; texmode:nu1; inverse:bofalse; ismounted:nu0; targetfriend:bofalse; randomcolor:bofalse; sound:nu0; finish:nu3

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